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A Harry Tale of Lust, AIDS & Hope by John Michael

I have seen the Harry Penix, and I’ll never feel quite the same…about half-melted ice cream, or frosted cupcakes. That naughtiest of charming, shape-shifting sprites, John Michael, summons forth — from the dark bowels of 24 year old male reflection — a tale that’s part personal history, part AIDS awareness fantasy. And all sparkly, crinkly, … Continue reading

2012 in North Texas Theatre: From A Feminist Lens

Why feminist? We women make up over half of the US populace and purchase more tickets to theatre yearly than men, even with our 77 cents to any man’s dollar earned salaries. Feminism is the radical notion that women are people. Some amazing, creative people, who happen to be women, enlivened regional theatre here in … Continue reading

Unanswered Prayer at Nouveau 47

Prayer,  by Jonathan Kravetz: as in without a, or much needed. In Nouveau 47’s inaugural New Works/New Voices Festival in 2011, Kravetz’s The Beast in My Pants, a sexy, erudite farce romp splashed with social commentary, helped launch the new festival with style and sophistication. I was delighted when I learned that Nouveau 47 planned … Continue reading

Bardly Bedlam @ The Magnolia Lounge

“Who is really running the asylum?” asks Director Tom Parr in his program notes to Shakespeare’s Measure For Measure, the play inaugurating Nouveau 47 Theatre into the N. Texas thespian scene. The question might be applied to the logic behind selecting this complicated “problem” play and its resulting uneven production. A new company in an … Continue reading