Moonrock Around the Clock! FunHouse Theatre’s Ultimate Easter Experience

Nyet! Nyet! Not again! The Ruskies are coming!

Nyet! Nyet! Not again! The Ruskies are coming!

Crawl out from under your school desks and emerge from your nuclear bomb shelters…hop on over to FunHouse Theatre’s “Ultimate Easter Experience” one mo’ time this Thursday night 3/28 before that wacky satellite of whimsical hilarity returns to its wobbly orbit around the moon. It’s the eagerly anticipated “prequel” to the award winning, world-famous (in Plano)  “The Ultimate Holiday Experience”:         The Ultimate Easter Experience….

The Easter Bunny: a portrait of Evil Incarnate

The Easter Bunny: a portrait of Evil Incarnate

This tabloid-style prequel reveals the truth about the Easter Bunny’s evil intent to take over the world (Jeremy LeBlanc) and how Uncle Sam thwarts him (Josh LeBlanc), getting by “with a little help from his friends” as reported by Walter Cronkite (Marisa Mendoza). Historical hysterics include: Robert Oppenheimer (Annie Christie), Harry Truman (Jonah Johnson), Joseph Stalin (Lizzy Greene), Winston Churchill (Dalton Walker), Khrushchev (Shyama Nithiananda), Fidel Castro (Sophia Kaiafas) with his Cuban slacker misfits (Alex Power, Christos Kaiafas, Jacob Roach), Thomas Nast (David Allen Norton), Edward Teller (Lynley Glickler), John F. Kennedy (Ben Bryant), Jackie Kennedy (Elizabeth Minchey), Marilyn Monroe (Laney Neumann), Debra Winger (Karina Cunningham) and a bevy of cunning astronauts (Adriana Hinojsa, Tess Cutillo, Mia Heber).

Marital "bliss" in Camelot?

Marital “bliss” in Camelot?

Our dreaded trio of hapless Ruskies — Serge, Dmitri and The Baroness (Joel Jenkins, Doak Rapp and Madeleine Norton) return to confuse the tale like soupy grade school art project paste. Dueling side plots setting Cold War era context feature Fun House stalwarts Jaxon Beeson as Rogers the straight-laced American general and Kennedy Waterman as sultry Vesper Lynd, a Cold War Mata Hari —  and the chilling Mr. And Mrs. Clark from a Stepfordville cul-de-sac (Amanda Childs and Jasper Murphy). Nobody escapes the light-saber lampooning, not even Canadian elf ninjas, eh! Where else will you get to hear a trio of menacing Marxists crooning “Blue Moon”? Jeff Swearingen directs with customary clarity and focused comic touch. If you’re too young to know the subject history, you’ll be giggling helplessly at the madcap tomfoolery. If you understand the satirical context, sit tight on your Fun House Theatre rollercoaster ride through the foggy days of Cold War and Camelot….

“Ultimate Easter Experience”, written and directed by Jeff Swearingen, runs once more due to popular demand: Thursday 3/28 at 7:30pm.

Advanced ticket purchase is strongly suggested.

Tickets $8. Performance at Plano Children’s Theatre. 1301 Custer Road, Suite 706, Plano, TX 75257

Film work and voice-over by Brandon Cunningham. Joseph Cummings painted the scenery. Bren Rapp produced the show and found costumes. Chris Rapp ran projections, and Chuck Marcello shot promotional photography.

In Orbit!

In Orbit!

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