Deep Six This Mollusk: Dead White Zombies’ “DP92”


The promotional material for Dead White Zombies’ “metaphysical sci-fi thriller” DP 92 claims that DP92 is the “last hope for humanity”. If such is the case, we are wading in deep doo-doo. Hope the claim is born of irony. Calling it metaphysical is quite a stretch, as well. As an examination of the nature of all reality, it falls far short in every respect.

Mostly, it seems to exist as a lurid jumble of some guy’s sexed up fantasy creation using elements drawn from 1950’s C-grade film sci-fi thrillers…the sort where all the women are busty, doe-eyed, barely clad and aching horribly to have sex; and the men, mostly clad, focus on penises, erections and ejaculating. In DP92 mad scientists, clad in white coats with stethoscopes, both men and women, intimidate the audience at first by asking overly personal questions in the lobby/holding pen. They then lead the disconcerted, unsuspecting attendees on a long, rambling tour of a dirty, dusty, dingy, extremely cold and dark old ice house, up and down steep stairs, where they get to “witness” random-ish scenes of gyrating, screaming, hyper-sexed young people, kind of warped inmates in the “asylum”, that sometimes squabble over food like wild beasts. And, of course, somebody plays a Theremin. At some point the scientists seem to lose control of the screamers, as the character DP92, a sort of super-femme mollusk/human in a gold lame unitard with papier-mâché growths around her throat wearing Goldfinger-like make-up emerges. Then all unite in what appears to be a Kumbaya Dance of the Sugar Plum Mollusk-worshippers. It is unclear if their metaphysical or actual reality includes being eaten by mollusks or becoming them.

I found this production boring, pretentious and sexist. I was cold. I felt really uncomfortable watching the sex “play”, which seemed like thinly veiled abuse and exploitation of women, just cuz’ it’s so much fun. To act out. To watch. Sure, it is.

If this floats your boat, be my guest. DP92 runs through November 22. Written and directed by Thomas Riccio.

The Zombies: Stephen Gardner, Brad Hennigan, Hillary Holsonback,Alisa Eykilis,Abel Flores, Shelby Hibbs, Adnan Naseem Khan, Joshua Kumler, Daniele Georgiou, Scot-Gresham-Lancaster, Becki McDonald, Stephanie Oustalet, Ilknur Ozgur, Jelena Princeza, Bailee Rayle, Alia Tavakolian, Christopher Travino, Hannah Weir, Alexanda Werle, Robert Reedy, Dale Seeds

Playing at: The Icehouse

2516 N. Beckley Ave

Dallas TX 75208

For info, tickets visit

Photo of Hannah Weir, Abel Flores






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